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Auspicious Flora

For a newlywed couple, Chinese New Year can be exciting and yet overwhelming with little challenges. You have just moved to a new house and the two of you are just getting the first taste of being a new couple. Just yesterday you were getting comfortable and enjoying that honeymoon period, and almost too soon, it is Chinese New Year once again and the inevitable obligation to open your doors, invite friends over and welcome relatives to your new humble abode.

Amidst the various tasks such as stocking up your kitchen with a feast of snacks, drinks and rushing to the bank for those fresh and crisp two dollar notes, it is easy for one to get stuck and lost on how to go about decorating the house. The key thing to remember is not to over do it by placing lanterns at every corner or throwing oranges here and there. With a new beginning, why not think about adding life to your house with traditional Chinese New Year plants. Throw away the idea of having any artificial plants and go for the real living blooms instead. You may be spoilt for choice with the various plants available in the market, but here are six popular ones to get you started for the new year of the pig.

Auspicious Flora - Azaleas
Auspicious Flora - Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Auspicious Flora - Lucky Kamquat
Lucky Kamquat
Auspicious Flora - Pussy Willows
Pussy Willows
Auspicious Flora - Zamioculcas


Blooming Azaleas should normally be placed at the entrance of the home during this festive Chinese New Year period where guests will enter a new home for the first time. However, it is advisable to keep it away from direct sunlight. Therefore, having it within the house and near the entrance works just as well. Its lucky auspicious colours of pink and dark red will definitely add colour to your living room.

Fortune/Lucky Bamboos

With its origins from Taiwan, the Lucky or Fortune Bamboo is simply believed to bring great fortune to the household. According to ancient tradition, this popular Chinese New Year plant signifies happiness, wealth, and longevity. Ultimately, symbolizing the ingredients for a happy life, it is perfect for the household or office and will create harmony in any given environment.

Big Mandarin Orange

A traditional and perfect shrub option for newlyweds. The big mandarin orange symbolizes wealth, unity and perfection all in one. Its green leaves symbolizes wealth because the word LUK (green) rhymes with the Chinese word for wealth. As for the oranges, its round shape symbolizes unity and perfection. This plant can be placed within the household and if possible, near a window where it can capture sunlight from time to time.


The tangerines hold significance of good luck. Those with leaves intact assure that one抯 relationship with the other remains secure. Thus, for newlyweds, this represents the branching of the couple into a fruitful family with many children. The Kum Quat is extremely popular and highly recommended for homes and as well as places of business. It can also be pronounced as Gumgut in Cantonese. 慓um?meaning gold and 慏ai Gut?meaning good fortune.

Pussy Willows Zamioculcas

The many buds of the Pussy Willow make it popular during this festive season as people love the 慳bundance look?of the numerous blossoms on a branch. The fluffy white blossoms of the pussy willow resemble silk, and they give forth young shoots in the colour of green jade. This Chinese New Year favourite signifies growth and represents the coming of prosperity.


Reigning from Taiwan, its name in Chinese is 慗ing Qian Shu?which means gold tree. It bears auspicious significance of wealth through its shiny and angular leaves which are a reminiscent of Chinese-style gold ingots. Makes a good indoor plant as it does not need sunlight.

Did You Know?

In traditional times, the Chinese believe that without flowers, there would be no formation of any fruits, which in turn, would negatively impact a family抯 fortune. Therefore, it is critical to incorporate flowers into your Chinese New Year decorations.

Another Tip

Apart from decorating your living room with vases of pretty flowering blossoms, it is also a tradition to have platters of oranges and tangerines, and a candy tray with eight varieties of dried sweet fruit. You might want to choose platters or serving dishes in red and gold colours. Red symbolizes wealth and Gold symbolizes wealth.

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