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Heritage Inspirations

Asian Heritage is rich and inspiring, popularly depicted in fashion and fabrics prints. Despite all attempts to see how these could be worn they still remain in the realm of the avant-garde to be admired as art. With the right combination of colours, textures and prints, Asian Heritage inspired fashion can make a bold statement.

Charming Chinese Description Lady in Red Qipao
Charming Chinese Red Halter-necked Qipao Rosewood Dining Table with Scholar Chairs Chinese Table Desk with 5 Drawers Charming Chinese
Colourful Chinese Tiffin Boxes Hand-painted Hundred Children Gold-leaf Cabinet Chinese Trunk Dowry with Drawer
Charming Chinese
Inspiring Indian Description Indian Lady in Saree
Inspiring Indian Albania Lace Saree 19th Century Antique Laxmi Swing Ganesha Candle Holder Inspiring Indian
Chikan Bedding Elephant Chair Carved Arch Bookcase with Red Lamp
Inspiring Indian
Mystical Malay Description Malay Lady in Kebaya
Mystical Malay Elizabeth Kebaya Malay Rice Chest Small Malay Square Window Mirror Frame Mystical Malay
Malay Telephone Chair and Table Wayang Golek Malay Flutted Cabinet
Mystical Malay