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10 Tips for Master Bedroom Makeover Magic

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Is your bedroom as comfortable as a pair of old running shoes? Time for a refreshing change! Giving it a whole new look does not have to be time-consuming and tedious. When re-inventing your home, the master bedroom is an excellent starting point. Whether individually or as a couple, we go through many phases in our lives and it is only logical that our bedroom should reflect our changing personalities.

With so many things to consider, taking on the task of remodeling your bedroom may seem daunting at first, but breaking it down into concise steps will make it less overwhelming.

Factors to consider in your bedroom decorating plans:

Planning and Research

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to room décor. Some questions to ask yourself:

People, Personality and Purpose: What's the mood of the room you wish to create? Consider also both of your personal habits in the bedroom. What are the kinds of activities you spend the most time doing in the room? For example, if you enjoy reading every night before going to sleep, it will be useful to have a night lamp by your bedside.

Furniture: Which of the furniture do you wish to keep? Are there furniture you need to replace and those which require repair work?

Cost and Budget: You need to know how much you are wiling to spend and how much each item costs so that you will not be caught by surprise when the bill comes.

Bedroom Furnishings and Lightings


Having a great theme would inject personality into your bedroom and sets the tone for the rest of the house. Some suggestions for master bedroom themes would be Wabi-sabi, French countryside, Oriental, Tuscan, Bohemian and Modern Minimalist, just to name a few.

The more adventurous can try having the theme of your favourite musical, a safari, gypsy or even gothic. If you are out of ideas, simply browse home décor magazines, visit home décor forums or try out a design software which will allow you to piece together photos of different elements of a room and then combine them in different motifs and design models.

Furniture and Layout

Just rearranging your furniture will make the room look new again. Lining up all your furniture against the walls will make your bedroom look like a doctor's waiting room. Try placing the bed out of a corner, diagonally into the room.

Focal Point

Determining the focal point of the room is key in decorating a master bedroom. Set up only one focal point and then arrange your furniture to enhance it.

Alternatively, other great focal points include a handsome bookcase that shows off your best collectibles, a favourite painting or a window with a great view.


Picking out a colour for your bedroom is easy, but knowing what other colours complement the shade will require some thought and research. If you are unsure, bring home color swatches and put them on each wall. Some paint manufacturers also produce sample paints. These small containers of paint allow customers to paint small sections on the wall to test the color. Also, take note that you do not have to repaint the whole room. Just repainting a particular wall or even the ceiling can be enough to make your bedroom look brand new! To do this, simply pick up a colour from the floor or window to accent the chosen wall.


The type of floor you choose for your bedroom should be determined by function, taste, budget and amount of upkeep required. If you will not have much time to take care of your floors, then go for flooring that is durable and requires minimal maintenance like laminate and vinyl. Otherwise, you may consider other flooring types like carpeting, rugs, hardwood and ceramic tile.


The right kind of lighting is one that suits your personality and lifestyle. Lamp shades and walled lamps can be used for night-time reading. The dressing table can be equipped with lights which can switch from daylight, evening and natural light. Use mood lighting for your pleasant evenings and romantic encounters in the bedroom.

Furnishings and Accessories

Furnishings and accessories are exceptionally great for changing the look of a space without spending a bomb.

Pillows: Pillows are great accessories. Play with colour schemes and even patterns while decorating a bed with pillows to compliment the rest of the bedroom.You can create a sophisticated monochromatic look by selecting the same color for each pillow but in different textures, such as raw silk and chenille.

Artwork: Include artwork and accessories that you love. For instance, gather a few small mementos based around a particular theme and display them in a picture frame.

Candles: Candles are a decorative item that many people forget to use. White ones are the most sophisticated, but grouping colored candles can create a soft focal point on a dresser or end table.

Plants: It is helpful to use a variety of plants in most areas of the home as their diverse qualities compliment each other and provide a more balanced flow of energy wherever they are situated. Round-leaved plants are soothing and they increase the romantic ambiance of the bedroom.

The most important concept for decorating a master bedroom is to make certain that when you walk into it, you feel absolutely comfortable and completely relaxed. If a bedroom makeover sounds like an overwhelming task, you may choose to make small changes over a period of time instead of one huge change. Above all, remember to have fun! So what are you waiting for? Let's get decorating!