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The Art of Buying Wall Art

White Themed Living Room with Wall Art

Have you ever bought art that looked so good hanging on the gallery wall, but when you tried putting it up on your own wall, horror of horrors! It is a total mismatch.

The good news about buying art for the wall is that there are so many choices that you are bound to find the perfect piece. But having all these options available to you can make it difficult to decide on which piece you like best.

Here are some tips to help you avoid costly art purchase mistakes:


Look for a wall that you would like to turn into a focal point of the room. The selected wall should be well lit. If natural light is not available, directional pot lights can be used.

Long, narrow hallways can be transformed into a gallery of photos. As high traffic areas connecting foyers to main living spaces, hallways become the perfect place to showcase either your own photography or the work of others.


Consider the room and its function. Do you want to entertain guests in this room, is this a place where you retreat for some R&R or is the room for the kids to play in? The feeling you want to relate in certain rooms will determine what kind of art you choose.

Wall Art


Artwork should be a display of your self-expression. There are no hard and fast rules, however, you need to decide whether your desired wall art is a painting, mural, wall furniture or even a wall art sculpture.


One of the biggest mistakes in choosing art is choosing art that doesn't fit the space. Ordinarily, it is disproportionate in relation to the dimensions of the room, the architectural details, and the furniture. Don't be afraid to go big! The art you choose will be dwarfed by the size and shape of the room, not to mention everything else around in, so don’t be afraid to buy something slightly oversized.


Next thing that you need to consider is your budget. There is a wide range of arts available in the market that you can purchase within any budget range.

While purchasing art, you must keep in mind that the original pieces are always a lot more expensive than any other form of art. If you have enough cash with you then this is not a problem, otherwise you can request the dealer to provide you with a print or reproduction of any piece of art of your choice.


On another note about budget, you may opt for a photo if budget is a concern. Photography, especially black and white, is growing in acceptance among art enthusiasts and decorators alike. Photographs of tranquil landscapes and scenery will give a calming effect in your bedroom or any area for relaxation.

  • Colorful print outs of cartoon pictures are ideal for the play area or bedroom of the children.
  • Wall arts depicting your hobby are great to hang in the room where you want to do your favorite pastime. For example, music notes wall hangings for your music room.
  • Food wall art sculptures are best for the kitchen or the dining area.


Artwork should be hung at an approximate eye level from a standing position. It is unpleasant for the viewer to look too far up or down to see the artwork; they should be able to comfortably look straight ahead.

Understanding the Story

Every art piece tells a story. Understanding the background and thoughts of the artist can give you an insight on the type of art you are about to buy. When buying art as a form of investment, it is recommended that you get what you love and keep it for ten years or more before selling. Remember to to buy from accredited, reputable dealers and get the authenticity of the provenance in writing.