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Big Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

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Tired of well-meaning guests who give you tips on how to maximise the space in your small house? This is not yet another article on how to make small spaces look big. No, here we are embracing everything small. Revel in the bijou, celebrate the lack of vastness! Less can definitely be more.

Big Decorating Ideas For Small SpacesOften, the issue with making the most of your living space isn't really how much space you have. What tends to be more important is what you do with your square footage. Rather than fighting the lack of space, focus on the benefits of your smaller space. Small spaces are great for interior design concepts such as cosiness, security, intimacy, charm and functionality.

You may find that decorating a small room is probably more challenging than decorating a large one. It will be useful to draw up a plan previewing the potential uses of the room, the furniture requirements, storage needed and personal lifestyle interests before going on a buying trip for your place. That doesn't mean you have to set rigid rules, but having guidelines will go a long way in helping you create the ideal cosy interior design for your home.

A warm and cosy home provides a place for conversation and features overstuffed furniture that begs to be lounged in. Create an intimate living space layout by keeping larger pieces of furniture closer together, centered around a nice, compact coffee table. Using a good-sized area rug will help bring all the pieces together. If there are any vacant or dull areas, fill up the space with a nice-sized container plant to define and complete the look.

Big Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces In terms of furniture and furnishings, choose those that will enhance the cosy factor. Place soft and fluffy pillows, cushions and throw blankets on your couches, chairs and beds for you to snuggle up with. Sleek furniture, even though they occupy less space, tend to make the room look quite formal. Try textured furniture but be wary of traditional wooden furniture as they can look too heavy for the room.

There is no need to stick to white because you think colour will make a small place appear darker and smaller. Consider using warm shades of brown, like mocha, taupe and khaki, as versatile neutrals, shades of orange and pale yellows as accent colours or even warmer sage colours.

Used cleverly and sparingly, texture and pattern will give your home an instant dose of cosiness. Go for plush fabrics and knits like cashmere, velvet, and chenille. Incorporate some patterned window treatments, upholstery and knick-knacks.

The key to cosy lighting is layering. Use a mixture of lighting types to create a captivating ambience. Try halogen lights - they can be dimmed and give off a softer, more flattering glow. Natural sunlight is also ideal for cosy homes that can accommodate a window seat or a skylight.

Big Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces Last but not least, create a feeling of cosiness via nature and scent. Flowers and plants can add colour, brightness and a bit of the outdoors to your home. Rather than relying on chemical air freshener products, use potpourris and simmering spiced cider to give your homes a welcoming and lingering homey scent.