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A Story of Lust Behind Closed Doors

A Story of Lust Behind Closed Doors

Has your bedroom turned into a place where both of you do separate things – you answering work emails on your laptop and your partner watching TV? No more! This New Year, inject a new lease of sexiness into your boudoir. Start with these tips and you will be sure to ignite your senses and jumpstart the fire. Who knows, you may even find yourself staying home for romantic weekend getaways!

The Bed Factor

The bed is the focal point when decorating a bedroom, so make it very appealing and inviting. Canopy four-poster beds are definitely romantic! If the space is compact, you can try a waterbed or platform bed instead for a more intimate feel. Next, choose soft, demure fabrics for the bedding, like silk, velvet, or chenille, and pair them with satin sheets for something extra luxurious. And remember that nothing is quite as inviting or romantic as lots of fluffy pillows and freshly laundered sheets.

Colour Me Sensual

The colour scheme  is so important to setting a romantic mood. Nothing exclaims sexy like warmer colours - reds, yellows and oranges add spice to a bedroom decor. If the brighter shades are too much for your taste, try using warm tones. Soft pastels like blues, greens and light shades of purple help set a relaxing mood in the bedroom.

Big Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

The Black Box and other Disturbances

Do you have a TV set in the bedroom? Then you are committing one of the cardinal sins of master bedroom decorating. There are studies stating that a television in the bedroom cuts a couple's intimacy in half. Do your love life a favour - get rid of items that disturb the peace and tranquility in the room such as TV sets, computers and noisy clocks.

Lights, Camera, Action

Ahem...right.  Bright harsh lights are a strict no-no for a romantic bedroom decor. Lighting for the room should be kept dim when you want to set the mood, so dimmer switches are a must. Chandeliers add a touch of glamour and sexiness. Curtains can be used to block out natural light from the windows if your room receives a lot of light from outside.

Science of Smell

Excite all five senses, including smell. Use aromatic incense sticks, potpourri, fragrant room fresheners or you can even add a thin coat of perfumed oil on the light bulb. If you like a whiff of something delicious, you can sprinkle some powder on your sheets. Smells that enhance romance include lavender and rosemary.

Romance is in the Air

Soft music is one that will amp up the romantic atmosphere instantly. Think Norah Jones, Luther Vandross, Babyface or can't-go-wrong Kenny G. How about keeping the love alive with food and drinks?  Have a mini bar or fridge stocked with the choicest wines or champagnes and some fruits or whipped cream if you like (wink wink).

Have a sexy time!