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Family-Friendly Modern Living Room

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Whether large or small, modern or traditional, the living room is meant for gathering, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. Not only is the living room, also known as the family room, a place where the family spends the most time together, it is also the anchor for the interior design of the whole house.

These days, it's very common for the family room to be used as a multi-functional space where it's not unusual to see Mum reading at one corner while Dad works on his latest DIY project and the children fighting over the TV remote control. Regardless of how your family uses the living room, make the space family bonding-friendly with these tips.

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Get Input From Everyone

If you're trying to create a family room that everyone likes and enjoys, the first step is to get input from the whole family. A good idea would be to have family members contribute their wish list of features they would most like to see in the living room. Start off with asking questions like - What themes and colours appeal to everyone? What are their must-haves, especially in terms of furniture and entertainment system.

Themes and Colours

Living room themes can give your space a unique and fun look that you and your family can enjoy. A particular interest or hobby of the family can serve as the theme, for example. While it's good to consider the colour wheel, you don't have to stick to it too rigidly. What's more important is to use colours to reflect the family's personality, tastes and preferences. Just because yellow is purple’s complement doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with green.

Furniture and Arrangement

Comfort, durability and lifestyle would be the basic considerations for the living room decor, making  wood or metal good bets for furniture. Choose soft fabrics that will invite everyone to sit around together and relax. Arrange the furniture such that there is a comfortable amount of space to walk around, but not so far away that it lacks intimacy. Try arranging the sofa and chairs at 90 degrees to one another to create a conducive family banter spot. The walkway should be around the back of the furniture and along the perimeter of the room instead of across the centre.

Lighting and Atmosphere

To create the ideal lighting, you need to determine the manner in which the family room will be used. Consider cove lightings and wall sconces if you would like to add a dynamic touch to the space. You can use also directional recessed can lights to highlight wall art or a special architectural element, such as columns or a decorated wall. Table lamps can provide warm ambient light and at the same time, serve as a decorative element.

Accessories and Personalisation

In any living room, the small touches are what defines the family that lives there. Personalising doesn't just mean adding family photographs. What are the things that your family love? Pottery? Horses? Baseball? Incorporate these into your home decor. You can also add personality to your family room walls with a mural, wallpaper or removable wall stickers. Decorate walls with items that are personally meaningful like souvenirs from vacations,  a collage made from postcards or framed drawings created by your children.