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Storage Solutions

Cosy Compact Study Area

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to rationalise your furniture and sort out your possessions. Be ruthless. Keep only what you really want, bearing in mind that everything should be either beautiful or useful, and ideally both. Donate what you don’t want to charity shops, or recycle it.

With space being a luxury for many, furniture these days have been designed not only to look good, but offer cleverly hidden storage space as well. When doing renovations, try to make full use of available space and create your own storage. It is often possible to build cupboards in spaces you were scarcely aware of.

Using Available Space

If you have bay windows, consider having window seats built with hinged lids, and you will be able to store things under them. It may be beneficial to excavate the space under the stairs. If there is already a cupboard there, consider having it expanded, or make open shelves, depending on what you want to keep there.

Compact Storage Solutions


For some, the living room is an area to relax and entertain friends, where all ugly black boxes such as TVs and hi-fis are banned or at least out of sight. For others it is an area that needs to work as a living room, play area and dining room. Shelves hung at picture rail height or above doors are good for both display and books. Placing the TV on an open shelving system with ornaments and books prevents it from dominating the room.


A small bedroom can be made to feel bigger with a loft bed. The space under it can be used for a desk or as storage. Exploit the space under the bed and prevent dust collecting by using storage boxes. Create a dual-purpose spare room and home office by concealing shelves and files behind blinds.


Kitchens are usually fitted as they come in the home. It is a practical solution for small or irregular shaped kitchens. The trend now is towards free standing units which are flexible, attractive and give you the options of choosing what you like. Make the most of your available space with floor to ceiling cupboards and keep a step ladder handy. Consider a table where you can eat that doubles up as a work surface and can be folded away when not in use.


Bathing is one of life's greatest pleasures, so create a sense of calm with a clutter-free bathroom. Consider cabinets with mirrors to hold toiletries and medicine. Use baskets to store small items such as tweezers and combs and stash dirty laundry in a closed laundry bin or basket. Use hooks on the back of the door to hang bathrobes and towels. Towel rails are also useful to dry towels and clothes which you may hand-wash.