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Meet The Sloth

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This season, as you go about prepping your house for the festivities and merry-making, be a sloth. Yes, you heard us right! How, you ask? By using these intelligent home cleaners that will work hard on your behalf, saving you time and energy. Slothful Christmas to you!

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Samsung NaviBot

Clean your house without even being there with this smart robot vacuum cleaner which is equipped with a small integrated camera that takes photos of the surroundings. Using these images, the NaviBot creates a virtual map of the home and plots the optimal cleaning path using the least amount of time and effort. $799.

The Mini Roadsweeper Desk Vac by gadgets.co.uk.

Brush, suck and sweep away unwanted desk dirt with this battery-operated roadsweeper. £12.95.

Whirlpool Pret A Porter Clothes Revitaliser

Remove odours, relax wrinkles and dry delicates in an eco-friendly manner. You can let it stand in the corner of a room, store it neatly under a bed or bring it along on your next business trip.

Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer by hammacher.com

The device collects leaves and other detritus floating on the water surface into its net . You can even do it at the comfort of your shady patio. Better yet, let your kids have some fun with it while cleaning the pool. US$129.95.

Spider Screen Cleaner by uncommongoods.com

Clean your computer screen in a jiffy once you put this creepy crawly helper to work. US$10.