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Raindance® Rainfall®

There is likely no better place to experience the natural power and vitality of water than under a waterfall. Getting this elemental, sensually invigorating feeling of bathing under tropical cascades of water in the home bathroom is the inspiration behind the development of the novel Hansgrohe overhead shower Raindance® Rainfall®: The first horizontal, multifunctional shower panel in the world with torrent spray mode – an archetype for overhead showers.

With three different spray modes that can be conveniently adjusted directly on the corresponding wall fittings, the Raindance® Rainfall® creates a completely new way to shower. Raindance® Rainfall® allows you to experience the enjoyment of water in its most natural forms. This is ensured primarily by the concentrated torrent spray Rain Splash gushing out of the showerhead like a deluge in the great outdoors, pouring down copious amounts of water over the user. The voluminous aerated Rain AIR rainfall also flows generously from the 240mm spray disc in the front part of the shower and the four rotating whirl-massage sprays massage the body over a broad area like a powerful downpour. The large distance from the wall guarantees ample freedom of movement, allowing the downpour effect to be savored to the fullest.

Jacuzzi J-480

The J-480 model showcases a sleek curved profile. Behind the WaterColour™ feature, the shaped acrylic edge creates a vertical drop that plays up the waterfall effect - so you can relax as water flows over your shoulders. The J-480's asymmetrical lines present a fresh spa silhouette, unlike any other
luxury hot tub available.

Give in to the luxury of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy, cocooned in a world of cascading waterfalls and warm jet streams. 48 PowerPro® jets produce virtually any massage type, from deeply invigorating to tension-relieving. There are three therapy seats in the J-480, in addition to the lounge, each one designed to provide a targeted hydromassage for specific muscle groups.

Tylö Felicity Premium Multi Shower

Using no more floor space than a conventional shower, Tylö Felicity gives you a complete home spa, packed full of attractive features. What do you say to a steam bath, cascade and cloudburst functions, massage nozzles and, of course, a refreshing and relaxing conventional shower?

The Tylö Felicity Premium comes with a built-in steam generator for relaxing steam baths, a cloudburst function, thermostatically controlled mixer tap, hand-held shower and comfortable fold-down seat that converts in the twinkling of an eye into a shower bench for two. The teak panelling in the front column and seat enhances the multi shower's air of elegance and opulence. In addition, the shower is equipped with a waterfall and six adjustable massage nozzles, four on the back and two on the front, to provide soothing massage for stiff and aching muscles.