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The Extreme Home Makeover - Manhattan Style

Interior Design: OP3 International Pte Ltd

Interior Design: Manhattan Style

This walk-up apartment in Balestier truly epitomises the power of reinvention. Looking at the before and after photos of the home of newlyweds Samuel Leong and his wife Jessie, you would scarcely believe it's actually the same place. Previously a living quarters which housed foreign workers, the complete transformation of the home of newlyweds interior designer place began with the tearing down of almost 80 percent of the and took four whole months to complete.

So what made Samuel look beyond the original mess and see its potential to be turned into an impossibly urban and sleek apartment? According to the interior designer of Free Space Intent who's in his 30s, the fact that the couple had their requirements clearly mapped out before house-hunting certainly helped. The apartment matched their needs in terms of the number of rooms and the spaces they needed for their home. The long shape of the house, Simon added, made it easier for planning.

Having dwelled in Manhattan for a number of years, the house has a distinct Manhattan air about it owing in part to its colour scheme (white, grey and black). Step right into this abode to experience the full magnificence of this transformation.

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Interior Design: Before Pictures

Before the transformation, it was a housing for foreign workers.

Interior Design: White, Grey and Black Manhattan Styled Apartment

The liberal use of white, grey and black in the entire house creates the feeling of spaciousness and airiness. One side of this 15-metre long wall is an open display bookshelf and the other side is a TV console. The walkway serves as a separation so that TV viewing will not be interrupted by passing traffic. It is also a gallery for all things arty like personal photos, paintings and big Victorian-inspired mirrors.

Interior Design: Beautiful Contemporary Walk-in Wardrobe

Bigger wardrobe space was of foremost importance as being in the fashion industry, Jessie is naturally a clotheshorse who has a whopping collection of 120 pairs of shoes. The result is an impressive walk-in wardrobe built with a boutique concept in mind. There are two movable features here – one is the vanity table and the other is the middle island which can be slotted into the underside of the wardrobe.

Interior Design Manhattan Style: Coten Tiled Bathroom

To facilitate access to the solo bathroom in the house by both the owners and guests, two doors were erected. The bathroom space was extended so that it connects to the master bedroom with one door and the corridor with the other. Rusty-looking tiles called Coten tiles are used for the naturally wet look which will look good even with wear and tear over the years.

Interior Design Manhattan Style: Simple and Nice Office

This is Samuel's study room cum office. The L table can be pulled out longer to host meetings and pushed in when more space is needed in the middle of the room.

Manhattan Style Furniture and Furnishings: Zebra Feature Door

This zebra feature door hides a triangular storage room where guests can take off and store their shoes. The door acts as a decorative feature to shield the fact that it is actually a storeroom.

Interior Design Manhattan Style: Multi-purpose Space

This multi-purpose open space is a living, dining and kitchen area. As the couple often entertains at home, the dining table can be separated from the wall to reveal a seating bench which can accommodate 10.