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Oriental Fusion: Mixing of the Cultures of Chinese & Japanese

Interior Design: Oriental Fusion - Mixing of Chinese & Japanese The bookcase in the living room is built into the wall recess. It is an attempt to fully utilise the space as compared to getting a movable bookcase. Less maintanence is needed with this built-in setup.

Wallpaper has been used on all walls of the house. On the corridor leading to the rooms, there is a feature-wall that the owner has chosen an oriental-styled wall coverings instead.

The main purpose to emphasize this area with a distinctive wallpaper so as to blend in the custom made wooden partition that separates the living room from the corridor towards the rooms.

To bring out the authenticity of the Oriental theme, some existing doors have been made into sliding wooden doors that enclose a wooden platform with a low dining/coffee table area within the space.

The kitchen has been relocated to the former service balcony. This is to cater for a larger area which can be used as a dining area to entertain guests as well as a study room for the kids.

Wenga wood was customised for these sliding doors and wenga partitions were used to achieve the final effect that allow the space to flow. The combination of traditional chinese furniture with japanese-inspired screen doors injects a new and refreshing oriental feel of the house.

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Interior Design: Oriental Fusion Themed Living Room Oriental Fusion Interior Design: Wenga Wood Sliding Doors and Partition Interior Design: Oriental Themed Dining cum Study Area