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Oriental Perfection

Interior Design: ID EMBOSS by kohong

Interior Design: Oriental PerfectionA modern oriental implementation whilst adhering to geomancy principles? “Obiang” objects jutting out like sore thumbs come to mind. However, step into this Bishan home and you'll be pleasantly surprised how charming and tranquil it can be.

You feel a sense of peace washing over you when you enter this abode. A mini water feature at the foyer amplifies the serenity. Above that, a unique wooden structure flanked by two quartz-tiled walls acts as a feature wall to divide the balcony and living room. Beside aesthetics, the divider acts as a gate to welcome good fortune and the bat carvings on the corner of the structure represents 'fu qi'. 'Fu qi' is Chinese for prosperity (bat and prosperity, 'fu', is pronounced the same in Chinese).

The combination of clear, light colours on the walls and deep earthy tones for the furniture set the oriental ambience of the flat. The cherry wood furniture are mainly custom-made, facilitating the seamless integration of the different pieces. A bamboo shoot, representing peace, is encased in a glass display alongside the carefully-hidden shoe rack, adding a nice touch of nature to the flat.

Above the contemporary L-seater are framed representations of the five basic elements of fengshui. Two identical wood structures, similar to the one at the entrance of the flat, are fixed onto the ceiling, inducing an elegant air to the space.

On the right of the television is a feature wall of frosted glass with intricate slits. The full allure of this feature is unveiled at night, when streams of light illuminate the glass feature and patterns are cast on the facing wall via the slits.

Adding to the oriental charm, a unique oriental styled swing door is installed in the master bedroom, while the gold lion-head handles on the wardrobes are specially bought from China.

The contemporary study is a breakaway from the rest of the house. This spacious, clean space provides a clever balance between the modern and oriental appeals.

Keeping fengshui factors in mind, a reflective material is inserted behind the stove while a small eating table is placed to direct the flow of traffic in the modern kitchen.


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