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Indo Charm

Interior Design: Promax Homemakers

Interior Design: Indo Charm
The strong and vibrant spicy salsa colour in the living area creates an Indochine ambience, complementing the natural wood furnishings and artefacts. The quaint ceiling fan augments this “rest and relax” feel.

A partition was erected in the foyer for the owner's workstation. The glass divider creates the illusion of space while serving as a conduit for light to enter this personal enclosure. The painting and art displays further mould the working area into a sombre yet cosy environment.

The obtruded column in between the living and dining areas towards the entrance of the kitchen is overlaid with veneer and embedded with open niches to showcase the owner's collection of “Liu Li” or engraving crystal. Wooden slates are installed at the ceiling of the dining area to complete the transformation of this charming abode.

An old perankan dresser was recycled and together with the peranakan tap and mirror, serve as a unique vanity top, inducing the powder room with a private and nostalgic charm.


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