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How Posh Are You?

Smart Living - How posh are you?

The word 'posh' may make us think of 'Posh' Spice, Victoria Beckham of the formerly popular group the Spice Girls, but it is almost certain that this moniker was chosen for its connotations of upper-class, elegant and luxurious. Of course, for better or worse, Posh Spice gave the word a louder, fashionable flavour too. But it doesn't damp the mystique of posh. There is an Old World quality about the word that makes one feel there is something superior about being considered posh.

But that's not true. Today, anyone can be posh. Most of the time, our ideas about being posh are gleaned from popular media, as well as from popular etiquette books, such as Emily Post. Our mothers and teachers did their bit too. Most of us want to be thought of as classy and stylish - but how many are successful? Take this quiz and find out!

Q1 What is the origin of the word 'posh'?
Q2 Have you ever written a 'thank you' note to someone who gave you a present?
Q3 What's the best present to bring to a dinner party in someone's home?
Q4 What do you wear for an evening of classical music at the concert hall?
Q5 What do you think of shoes?
Q6 When someone holds the door open for you, what's the first thing that you say?
Q7 You overhear a colleague of yours spreading malicious gossip about you. What do you do?
Q8 What's your ideal home like?
Q9 You're meeting the parents of your boyfriend/girlfriend for a meal. How important are your table manners?
Q10 Your neighbours have been playing very loud music late into the night for the last few nights. You have an important meeting tomorrow and need your sleep tonight. What do you do?