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Fengshui: An Orthodox Approach to Stress-free Living

An exclusive interview with Way OnNet's Master Tan

Fengshui: An Orthodox Approach to Stress-free Living

Please share with us your experiences in fengshui consultation for homes.
It’s a rather interesting trade as each situation is unique. Most importantly, you really need to have passion in metaphysical science in order to enjoy it as it’s a trade that needs constant upgrading and extensive reading.

Currently, the only unconquered territory left in science is metaphysics, particularly with regards to the concept of “Destiny”. For past decades, geomancy has won over the hearts of many Westerners because it holds the answer to many conundrums which has confounded us for ages. It is hardly surprising that many renowned universities are conducting intensive research into the oriental study of geomancy in order to gain a better understanding of our human physiology and as a result, gain a foothold on our own destinies.

Magnetic interferences, urbanized developments etc. pose an imminent threat to our environment and our mental health. A lot of Westerners are beginning to ponder if it is possible to strike a balance between mankind and his environment. It seems that in order to enhance the living environment, one has to integrate traditional thinking with modern technology and geomancy appears to be the only thing that can bridge the gap.

Geomancy is the accumulated wisdom of ancestral experience over a long period of time, not explainable in just a few simple sentences. Identical to ancient civilizations and relics, geomancy is constrained by history. We can only give meaning and enhance our lifestyle and work by applying with modern scientific impartiality and experimental attitude.

Is there any particular fengshui element in a home that is important to help its inhabitants de-stress?
There is no particular element as it’s a combination of every element that will aid The direction of the house facing is also important. For instance, houses that are northwest facing will feel more stress in comparison to others. de-stressing. Position of your furniture in an auspicious direction will definitely help in this area. The direction of the furniture can be arranged to face the good “Qi” in order to leverage on it to promote better health and harmony in the family.

If the home is cluttered, its occupants will not feel comfortable and will naturally feel more stressed at home. In order to prevent this, a home should always be kept neat, clean and spacious.

The direction of the house facing is also important. For instance, houses that are northwest facing will feel more stress in comparison to others.

On the same note, what colours promote relaxation in a home?
Generally, light colors can help to promote relaxation in a home. But again, this is also dependent on its occupants’ life analysis. Warm colors will not only help to set the romantic mood but also helps in relaxation.

However, if the occupant’s auspicious color is red, it doesn’t make sense to paint the whole house in bright red as it’s a striking color and will inevitably, add stress to the occupants. To solve this problem, light pink will be encouraged.

What items can we add to a home to create a serene environment and where should we place these items?
Placing emblems like Mandarin Ducks, Swans, Flowers, pair of Dragon and Phoenix can help to enhance harmony, relationship and health. Bottle or vase shaped emblems symbolized peace and serenity.

In addition to placing auspicious emblems in your home, you can also wear emblems to help to de-stress. Wearing chrysoprase or green crystals will help to suppress feelings of anger, anxiety and retaliation. It will also reduce stress and frustration. Lastly, it can help to overcome low self-esteem and elevate personal poise.

For the ladies, they can opt to wear mirror-shaped emblems, like pendants, earrings or charm bracelets. Mirror-shaped emblems also symbolize peace and serenity.

Is there anything that we should avoid, in order to create a relaxing, stress-free abode?
From the perspective of FengShui, it is wise for the master bedroom and study room to be separated. The inability to segregate work from rest indicates poor time management, which will make one lose self-control and determination. As a result, one’s emotional and physical well-being will be compromised.

Hanging lamps, especially crystal ones, are popular with a lot of households. Not only are they inappropriate in geomancy, they also pose a health hazard to the inhabitants. It is not advisable to hang lamps above one’s head because it causes emotional stress, nightmares and a low quality sleep.

Lamps can be placed at the head and side but not at the foot of the bed. Traditionally, a lamp is placed at the foot of the coffin to act as a guiding light for the dead spirit on their way to the underworld so it has become a cultural taboo.

Smart Living - Is there anything that we should avoid, in order to create a relaxing, stress-free abode? Master Tan Khoon Yong, who was born in Singapore, established Way Chinese Geomancy Centre at the mere age of 30 in 1984.

Over the last twenty odd years, Master Tan has successfully promoted his practice of fengshui to an internationally renowned hub of geomancy services and conducted more than 1000 seminars worldwide, breathing life into the age-old theories of fengshui.

Way Chinese Geomancy Centre was privatised to become Way Geomancy Pte Ltd in 1997 and earned the prestige of being the first geomancy consultancy firm to be awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification in the same year. In 2000, the first bilingual fengshui portal, was set up.

Master Tan also wields a fine pen and has published innumerable books such as «Essentials of Four Pillars of Destiny», «Hottest Fengshui Tips for Your Home», «The Secrets of Five Dragons», «Hottest Destiny Tips For Your Life» and «Emblems of Fortune». His latest work «Emblems of Fortune: Luck, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth» represents a brilliant piece of work that incorporates geomantic perspectives to the discussion of the culture of emblematic heritage.

Conferred the title as a PBM by the president in 1999, Master Tan’s talent and broad knowledge have earned him accolades from several prestigious institutions as well, including the appointed Advisor to the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, Vice Chairman of the Organisation for Promoting Civilisation. He is also serving as a committee at the Singapore Writers’ Association. He is currently serving as the president of the Singapore Quan Zhen Sect as well as vice president of the International Fengshui Association.

Despite his fame and accomplishments, Master Tan remains a humble man. His frequent remark of, “The study of fengshui is a ceaseless pursuit for humanity that spans time and space advises that we must make full use of our limited lifetime in the search for its infinite wisdom”

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