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SOHO Fengshui

SOHO Fengshui

Q1. How does fengshui affect the inhabitants of a Small Office Home Office?
Fengshui is an art of living in harmony with one's environment. Its involves auspicious locations, landscapes and directions, as well as placement and arrangement of furniture in a house or office. One of the key objective is to locate a house where there are positive energy in its surroundings and enable this energy to enter the house, primarily through its main entrance.

Q2. What should one look out for when choosing the location of a home office?
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The main entrance should be bright and tidy. One should not be able to see the toilet/bathroom door and stove from the front door. It must be located at the ‘positive energy’ location.

The stove should not directly face the kitchen entrance, washing basin or washing machine.

The position of the bed should not directly face the bedroom door or toilet/bathroom door. In the other words, the entrance, stove and bedroom must be located at the positive energy locations of the house.

From a fengshui point of view, the best location is said to be a house built on the high side of the road, protected by a ‘mountain’ (e.g. building) behind; and facing a 'slow moving body of water' (e.g. road), with the entrance on the sunny side facing.

Trees, lamp posts or any sharp edges should not be directed at the main entrance.

Street and Pathway
House/Office should not be located at the dead-end of a road or pathway. It is also not advisable to be located near the cross junction or Y-junction.

Q3. Are there any remedies if you are already stuck in a less ideal location?
In fengshui, to remedy a less ideal location is to balance the energy in the environment. The theory to balance these energies is: Yin, Yang and the 5 elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire).

Q4. How should one place your home office?
smart livingWork Desk
Positioning your work desk
You must not sit directly in front of the door. This position disturbs one's concentration. You will be distracted by anyone who walks by your room.

You are also not to sit with your back facing the door. This makes you feel uncomfortable because you can be surprised by someone walking in on you.

Generally the best place for your desk is at the corner opposite the door. Place your desk so that you have a wall behind your back. That way you can see anyone who approaches without being surprised.

Each person has four auspicious locations and four inauspicious locations. Set up your office in one of your beneficial locations. Once you have found the best room for your office, place your work desk at your beneficial location too.

Q5. What are the colours to be encouraged?
smart livingYour office should be painted in neutral colors and be sufficiently bright. Dark colours can be depressing and too strong for an office.

In other words, keep your surroundings simple and calm. This will allow you to do your best work. Choose a good location to receive good energy and the battle is more than half won.

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