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How Conservative are You?

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Q1 You are preparing for an evening of relaxation and conversation with a few good friends. What do you expect to see on your dining table?
Q2 After months of hard work, you have finally decided to take a holiday in the country/region of your choice. What activity will you enjoy the most while on holiday?
Q3 Your birthday is best spent:
Q4 You would like to re-decorate your parents' home. However, your parents don't have any strong opinions about the colour scheme. Instead, they trust you to make a suitable decision. You decide to paint the walls:
Q5 If you become a politician one day, how would you prefer the press to describe you?
Q6 You are tired of the way you look and decide to hire an image consultant to give you a makeover. Your ideal new image will:
Q7 An important festival (in your culture) is coming up. How do you prepare for it?
Q8 To you, 'traditional Asian values' are:
Q9 You would prefer to hang this item on the wall of your living room:
Q10 Sometimes, it is necessary to restore old historical monuments to give them a new lease of life. In that respect, what do you think of the restoration of the Cathy building?