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What Kind of Chinese New Year Decorator are You?

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What is Chinese New Year without Chinese calligraphy to hang on the walls, paper lanterns made of hong baos, auspicious food items and large vases filled with pussy willows?
Due to our busy lives, it can be a hassle to decorate the home for Chinese New Year the way our parents did. Besides, Chinese New Year now inconveniently happens in the middle of February (or January in other years). Yet, this is an occasion that is rich with meaning for the Chinese, and with so much symbolism and meaning in the objects, language, food and even plants that appear at this time, Chinese New Year decoration can be a time of delight for the houseproud.

Not everyone decorates his home with all the trappings, of course. Some prefer a more sedate look, while others strive to ensure that they have gathered and displayed all the good luck symbols available. The appearance of your home depends not only on your views of Chinese New Year, but also on the importance you attach to home decoration. To find out what kind of Chinese New Year decorator you are, take this short quiz! 

Q1 When should you do spring cleaning?
Q2 What does the colour red mean to you?
Q3 The coming year is also known in the Chinese lunar calendar as ______
Q4 Chocolates shaped like coins and wrapped in gold foil are _______
Q5 Which of the following tell you that Chinese New Year is near?