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22nd July 2011, 08:25 AM
hey does any 1 knows how to care for a new born bird.

my bf picks up a bird that we found in the park. we thought it was injured as it does not fly off even when we approach it and not even when we touch it.

we brought it home not knowing what to do with it. immediately went online to see what it eats and if there is any bird welfare group here that care for this bird.

we realised that there wasn't. we are not even sure if it was new born. we only confirmed the bird was new born after speaking to a few other friends who rear birds before. first day we try to feed it with dragon fruit (that's the only fruit available in my fridge) but it's not eating and not even drinking so we thought we need to force feed.

the bird is not staying with my bf and needs feeding every hour or else it will chip. we even bought bird feed and cotton wool trying to keep it warm. now my bf asked whether want to buy a bird cage.

how to bath a bird huh? or they do not need to bath at all.

28th July 2011, 06:21 PM
Most probably is a hatchling that would require heat and food. Meaning every time the bird opens it mouth just use a straw and start putting food in its mouth. As the hatchling is too young to regulate heat by itself it is advisable to get a normal yellow light around 40 watts light bulb to keep it warm.
It will need to eat almost every hour. So be prepared to give lots of your time and effort to keep it alive. By the time the feathers sherd and new ones out it will be able to take care of itself.

29th July 2011, 03:52 PM
thanks for your advise, but sadly the bird did not make it.

i'm not sure for what reason it die, it was still looking chipy the day before. does birds reacts to moving from places and noise made by other pets.

i'm not sure if the bird die because we shifted it from my bf house to mine and also my dog barks alot in the morning so kind of scare it?