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2nd April 2008, 11:54 AM
Dear Members,

Please take note of the following rules & guidelines before posting in the The Home Look forum. Users found violating these rules may have their postings deleted and memberships suspended and/or banned immediately.

(1) Selling, advertising or promoting businesses related to RENOVATION, INTERIOR DESIGN, FURNITURE & FURNISHING in the forum is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. To advertise with us, please contact advertising (advertising@thehomelook.com)@thehomelook.com (advertising@thehomelook.com).

(2) Selling anything for commercial gain, advertising or promoting businesses (except those mentioned in rule no.1) in the forum but outside the Bazaar section is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. To advertise with us, please contact advertising@thehomelook.com.

(3) Each member is only allowed to post ONE advertisement-natured thread in the Bazaar section.

(4) Commercial messages/links of any kind are not allowed in member signatures here in the forum, including URLs to business/commercial websites/portals, or any other links we deem inappropriate.

(5) Members who wish to recommend certain vendors or service providers in their postings (outside Bazzar section), may do so by stating the vendor's name or company's name only. Please refrain from giving any direct contacts such as website url, contact numbers and/or addresses.