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30th April 2008, 05:42 PM
At first, I called up asking for housing loan. I left my handphone number so that the corresponding staff can call me later. No one called me later. I waited and waited and waited and lost my patience. I then called them up, they re-directed my call to a staff. He kept asking my valuation price, purchase price, income blah blah and never answered any of my queries regarding the package that suit our needs and said that he will revert back like 2 days later. Why does it take so long to revert? I also tried to contact other mortgage consultant company, they have a list of all packages offered by all the banks in hand and they can give me the best possible package right away... When I tried to tell him that if he reverts too late i'll go ahead with other packages, he said "it's ok, if you find a good one then go ahead". What is that attitude? I'm really pissed off!!!

Curry Chicken
1st May 2008, 11:30 PM
Hmm littlestar, you sound like someone who wants immediate answers... however, I seriously doubt that someone can give you the best package without understanding your requirements. Two days sound reasonable to me. Well to each his own I guess.

2nd May 2008, 10:03 AM
Hi littlestar,

I kinda agree with currychicken, you can't really get a answer immediately without having the consultants understand your needs and thus finding a suitable loan package for you. As there are so many packages available in the market, it's their job to ensure that they find one that best suits your needs and installment budget. Give them some time.

Hear the Lion roar....

2nd May 2008, 06:07 PM
Dear littlestar

from what i read... it seems to me you just want to know rates, rather than really interested in getting the best package... I think if you just need to know the rates you can tell the consultant from the start that is all you need to know.

My experience with professional consultant ,they will ask me all my requirements, from what i am buying, how much i am borrowing, do i know what is the value(else they will need to check the value), am i currently a borrower of another bank loan (that to determine how much financing i can get), to know my income (to assess how much i can borrow). How much financing I need? How old i am? How flexible i want the loan to be? Do i intend to sell the property in a short time or looking at more long term financing? do I intend to do partial repayment , do I want variable rates or fixed rates, what is my comfort zone....... etc....

For impatient people like you and me i also think at first he is asking too much..... but due to my good experience in getting myself the best loan package at the end of the day. I highly recommend the use of a mortgage broker.

The bank will only sell his financing package, whereas the mortgage broken who act as a financial consultant will analyse our needs to determine the best loan package for us.

regarding the coming back to you in 2 days. To me this is a fair time line.

aiyo,,..... i too long winded liao.... bye littlestar

2nd May 2008, 06:29 PM
Well, thanks for all the reply... Actually, I was expecting a faster response because I know from another loan broker that they have a list of all available packages in hand and just need to refer to that. I got the best rate (so far) immediately thru the phone from them. That's why I was expecting kind of the same thing from here...

However, I need to emphasize that the MAIN reason I was upset is the attitude... Will you go and push your customer away like that... I will feel much better if they can say that the reason for the delayed response is because they need some time to analyse and give me the best loan package that is suitable for me, that they will get back to me asap... Rather than just tell me to go ahead for another package like that... It's like pushing away the customer...

Moreover, he said he will get back to me on Friday... it's friday, 6pm+ yet no one gets back to me ...

3rd May 2008, 10:49 AM
Hi Littestar,

Ok, now I understand it's the attitude basically. Yar I agree that the way he answer you does not sounds like coming from anyone in the service industry.

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