View Full Version : Red Light = No Sleep?

14th September 2020, 11:09 PM
I got a red light here on the bestlightguide.com (https://bestlightguide.com/best-color-night-light-for-sleeping/) for heat for my dragon a couple of days ago and I like it, it's very good. Since I got him a few weeks ago as soon as I turn out the light, he's essentially comatose and sleeps until I turn the light back on. However, the tank is getting too cold - about 65-69 degrees. It was suggested to me to get a red light so that the heat is on all night, but not the light. However, he hasn't slept at night that I've noticed since then (nor have I because it's so bright :P) I ended up turning the light off last night about 4am when I woke up and noticed he was still awake. Will he eventually get used to it and sleep? I was thinking maybe I should get a heating pad for half of his tank so he can sleep on that but he likes to be in his tree at night.