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5th November 2008, 03:59 PM
I came across this caterer (Yeh Lai Siang) when i'm searching for a caterer for my baby's full month party.
Looking at the variety it provides, plus it shows a great no. of votes compared to the other caterers, i decided to give it a try although its totally unheard of.
However, on the actual day, to my horror, the food portion looks pathetically little. It looks like it is only for 30 pax instead of the 42 pax i ordered and paid for.
One hr into the event, half the no. of trays were already empty.
When i call the person in charge to verify if they had prepared the wrong quantity, she says "Well, if the food is nice and people decides to eat more, we cannot help it" (which is totally not the case).
If anyone decides to go for this caterer, pls order at least 25% extra to save yourselves from the embarrasement of having your guest needing to go for a 2nd round at the coffeeshop after your function.

5th November 2008, 05:35 PM
i used to work in a catering company before. usually their food portioning is 1.5% more only. if you cater for 30 pax and expect to serve 50 pax sure not enough one. i remember last time, we always received customers complaining food or utensils not enough. i think it's quite a normal thing. next time you try neo gardens lor, heard alot of positive comments about them (fyi, i don't work for neo gardens)

5th November 2008, 07:00 PM
Humm, this really surprise me.

Yeh lai Siang, sounds really bad to me.

I had 2 parties one during Christmas last year and another one on Chiness New Year.

I catered food from Purple Sage - well for some 30 people, i think the food came for more than 50 people, not only do we have lots of leftover, I have my friends to pack food for the next day.

The presentation is pretty good... they had some nice flower arrangements done for the tables which they set up pretty nicely.

:) my only complain is they are really expensive but honestly best service I have got.