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29th May 2009, 03:55 PM
Waterproofing & Building Repair Specialist & Supplier

Dear Sir,

We represent Elastic Building systems, Known for its unique and Cost effective construction chemicals. These products being environment friendly and of International quality as they are harmless because they are water- based and since they work on the ‘protection-by-impregnation’ principle, there’s no mechanical wear and tear. This means permanent protection for your structures.

We provides Services for Following Problems:

· Water seepage running through brick walls and concrete roof of buildings.

· Rising dampness

· PU Injection Grouting

· Leaking Bitumen and tar felted roofs

· Leaking water tanks

· Leakages from AC/GI roofing

· Leakages from Toilets

· Damaged column &beams

· Spalling of concrete surfaces

· Corrosion of the reinforcement

· Cracks in the Buildings

· Leakages in basements

· Dampness in buildings

· Weak Floor

· Waterproofing & Stone Masonry exposed brick wall & tiles surface

· Specialist in Antiskid treatment For Ceremic Tiles

We also Supply all range of construction chemicals include:

Bonding Agent
Cement based Flexible waterproofing
Bitumen Coating
Waterbased Bitumen 800% flexibility
Polyurathane coating
Rust Convertor
Rust Stain remover
Form Release oil
Concrete Sealer
Epoxy Coating
Marble & Granite Impregnation
Kindly let us know about your requirements,We will give you cheap & best Solution.

We hope to have long term relationship with your company, Please feel free to contact us at below numbers for any other details needed by you.

Thanking you and assuring you our best of services.


Taran Singh Business Manager Hp : 91548970


BLK-3, #01-87

Jalan Batu

Singapore -431003

Ph:91548970 Tel/Fax: 65755420


victoria stiles
11th February 2012, 03:33 PM
Building repairs refer to repairs that need to be carried out on a property to ensure its structural safety. One of the most common surprise building repair costs is plumbing issues.