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10th November 2009, 05:01 PM
Hi everyone.

I believe most of you are feeding your beloved pet dog with commercial dog food and i know there are some doting owners out there feeding their darling home cooked food specially made for their furry friends.

By all means feed your dog with your home cooked food specially made for your pet dog, but please give them a balance diet. And i would suggest that you just feed them normal kibbles dog food as they are specially formulated for your dog.

And for those owners who are feeding their pet dog dry food currently, I'd advise you to get one that's well balance and of the popular brand. DO NOT try to save on your dog's expenses and it's no good for it's health.

I'd recommend you getting your pet food supplies from reputable pet shops and not commercial supermarkets.

I would mention brand name here, but there's this famous brand available in almost all supermarkets, and i believe most of you will know what brand i'm referring to now. This particular brand's salt content is too high that all my friend who fed their dogs on it, had fur dropping problems.
After they changed to more famous and more expensive brands like Eukanuba(my recommendation) and Science Diet, the fur problem just vanish.

If you have the time, compare the nutritional content of all the possible brand you are considering to buy.

Also, i'm against the idea of feeding our beloved furry folks canned food. In my opinion and experience, canned food will stink your pet's breath and not only that, you will have trouble feeding your pet pure kibbles meal in future as the canned food are definitely more delicious.

hope this is useful :)

11th November 2009, 06:02 PM

REMEMBER that Chocolates are LETHAL to dogs. dont ever try to give it to them no matter how much they may plead with you. i know a friend whose dog died due to 'chocolate poisoning'.

i repeat... DONT TRY

17th November 2009, 03:19 PM
which brand and type of dog food (dry/can) is the cheapest?

reason of buying cheap dog food is to feed stray dogs near my area - i want to reduce current expenditure.
so far im feeding them with can food ($3 per tin) mix with alpo/pedigree dry food.
can easily spent $20+ per trip to feed them (about 8+ dogs).

please advice. thanks.