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2nd February 2010, 04:38 PM
Anyone checked out Orchard Central lately? I did and wow. so many new eateries. There's even a rooftop garden..and the external escalator is extremely romantic at night...just to share with u guys ;)

3rd February 2010, 09:30 AM
i attended an event there in oct last year. briefly went around the mall but i would said the concept of the mall is rather weird. i would prefer a mall that goes round so you could see the shops at one glance.

though i do admit that there are lots of eateries there but i would like to share a unpleasant incident when i dine at the hong kong cafe managed by crystal jade group.

my fiancee and i went there for dinner at about 9pm after the event. the restaurant was quiet except for another table. the service staff there are mainly china girls. they are rather warm and friendly.

we ordered our food and came a service staff. she kept chatting or rather flirting with my fiancee when i was sitting right beside him and it's pretty obvious that we are a couple.

at first i thought she was just trying to be friendly so i wanted to join into their conversation as well but she simply don't bother me at all. don't even talk to me and treated me like a piece of transparent sheet. I asked my fiancee and i transparent or what, he replied he did not do anything but the girl and kept chatting with him so i just keep quiet and eat my dinner.

even while we were walking out of the restuarant, she was waving so hard at my fiancee to say good bye, i tried to be friendly and wave back to say good bye but she don't even take a glance at me.

i was rather mad. i wonder if that night were just 2 men, i think these girls will just pick them up.

shortly after my incident, my colleague came across a forum in asia one on a similar incident as well.

sometimes, it's not that we want to make sacrastics remarks about these mainland girls but it's these group of people that make others think and black marked them..

i do pity them at times for having to work on a foreign land and making ends meet. such social problems are really headache.

4th February 2010, 02:21 PM
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...my experience there has been pleasant so far. I'm going there to shop again today since it's pay week. hehehe..... So far, I've tried a Thai restaurant there (which has a buy one dish get another dish free promo and we only spend slightly over $20 for two people. Then we had a yummilicious chocolate drink at this dessert place called Schokolart at level one. I heard there's a good Japanese restaurant at level 8...

5th February 2010, 08:04 AM
it's just a bad experience but i don't deny the fact that there are indeed a lot of eateries there and it will not deter me from visiting there to try out other F&B.