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3rd November 2010, 11:27 AM
my wife was trying to shop online at kate spade as the price difference was really great but the retailer is really sucks.

she placed her first order online and immediately she received an order notice and happily she forwarded the email to Vpost to coordinate on the shipping.

then next day, she received another email saying the order was unable to process without giving and reasons.

i was mad, i called up US and they told me that they detect that the IP address used was outside US so they are unable to process if we still want to order, we need to call in to order so since we are on the line with the customer service so we just placed our order.

we thought everything was ok but who knows, the following day, we received another email saying that order cannot process and again no reasons was given. i called up US again and this time they said will checked and revert and they never. i totally give up. i asked my wife forget about it.

i really angry with the customer service of an international retailer. i can understand that they probably has difficulties to accept foreign orders but specific reasons should be given.

just wanted to share my experience.

lion was fuming... :mad: