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30th March 2011, 03:07 PM
Is it true if you become insurance agent, all your frens will avoid you?

1st April 2011, 02:18 PM
Hahahaha maybe property agent friends and relatives also will avoid you. :D

2nd April 2011, 07:31 PM
it's a stigma. insurance is an industry providing service to people. naturally your family and friends are the first line of people that the agents can start off with. at the end of the day just don't be too pushy and most importantly to be a responsible agent.

4th April 2011, 03:00 PM
Health product sales also will be target by most friends and family.

17th April 2011, 03:15 PM
I really hate those bank insurance agent, they just keep calling non stop and they even have your house telephone. And they would say they do not have any pamphlets, or email advertisement. How in the world if you want to survive and get more customer if you do not have something for people to understand and read on ? They just expect that you can understand everything they say and agreed to buy insurance through the phone? Crazy.:mad: