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    Need Electric Water Heater help ?

    Hi Guys

    We are looking to buy a new electric water heater for our condo.

    we were looking into Thankless but we don't have enough circuits (100 Amp only) to support it. Also the hybrid ones...
  2. Need help finding a sound system for a sophisticated living room

    My husband wants to incorporate a sound system to our entertainment center in the living room. He has shown me photos of systems with huge subwoofers and 5 clunky speakers. I would like to find a...
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    Need help with house exterior!

    Hi, I need help figuring out how to upgrade and modernize the exterior of my house. It needs a new roof, should I go dark? Also, I think the bushes in front of the door need to go. Should I paint the...
  4. My home interior design. 842

    My home interior design.
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