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    Well, to be honest, I read a lot of articles...

    Well, to be honest, I read a lot of articles saying that plants improve one's living condition and grant a healthier environment for everybody - which sounds actually quite logical since plants are...
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    The most expensive: Its women!

    I think I've spent the most money on consumer electronics. When I was still a kid I saved my pocket money to buy a portable CD Player. Those kind of investments grew with age and technology. I can't...
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    The most expensive wedding thing!

    The most expensive thing to spend money on my wedding will definitely be the wedding ring - this should be the symbol for the lifetime guarantee to be together in love. I would not spend a whole...
  4. I may not be able to use all BOGO offers that...

    I may not be able to use all BOGO offers that come across but I like those kind of promotions best. I am used to collect BOGO coupons as well: whenever I find some in my mail box I ask my neighbor...
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    I am a regular blood spender

    Thank you for you alert to donate blood. I may not frequent the location you mentioned but I am used to donate blood on a regular basis. Thank you as well for your conviction and your involvement - I...
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