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Thread: Anything on CNY?

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    Default Anything on CNY?

    I thought Cocoon is really cool. My favourite is the carrot cake recipe! It looks so appetizing...yummy.

    Really looking forward for the next issue... when is it coming out? Hope it'll touch on CNY topic more...

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    Default Next Issue of Cocoon

    Hi there Ling,

    The next edition of Cocoon will be in February and yes, it will contain various Chinese New Year elements. I am sure it will interest you!

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    really like this e-magazine. something new unlike flat 2D magazine.. u guys are great keeping it simple and not too wordy too! Thumbs up!

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    Hi there Absolute!

    Thanks for your support. It sure is one of its kind isn't it. Cocoon is Singapore's very first and only Home Resource & Home Decor magazine online! Keep a lookout for the Chinese New Year special edition. It shall be launched soon...anytime now!

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