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Thread: Pre-requisites for a Prefabrication of a home in Kochi

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    Unlike the traditional methods of construction in vogue in Kochi, prefabricated building techniques cannot take off without accomplishment of essential pre-requisites such as:
    i. Long range programme for taking up construction on a mass scale.
    ii. Standardization and typification of building designs, specification of materials used and code of practices
    iii. Establishment of factories for producing building components and housing elements
    iv. Availability of equipment for handling, transportation and building components
    v. Availability of required types of skilled workers and technicians for production, handling, transportation and erection of prefabricated building components for housing elements at the work site
    vi. Better administration, organization and management of works
    vii. Continuous research and development work for evolving better building methods and training programmes for execution of works expeditiously and economically

    All these factors are now becoming a must with respect to the development of flats in Kochi. The leading property developers are able to offer the best for their esteemed customers mainly by incorporating adequate safeguards and quality standards in each step of the construction process. It entails much cost, but the commitment of the builders to quality has earned for them the goodwill of the common people.

    Only the leading builders are now able to take up house building in Kochi and individuals are now retreating from building a home or a high-rise structure all by oneself. The builders are able to manage things at lesser costs due to the availability of cheap labor and building materials that are ordered in bulk.

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    errr... what you trying to say? when building home in kochi must look for builder? where is kochi?

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