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Thread: The Manhattan Fish Market - From 12 Dec 2011 To 5 Jan 2012

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    Smile The Manhattan Fish Market - From 12 Dec 2011 To 5 Jan 2012

    Great deals this December with The Manhattan Fish Market!

    Lobster Buddy Platter @ $49.90++

    Scampi Delight @ $19.90++
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    my last incident with them was amusing.

    i had lunch at the outlet at bedok point. i ordered the seafood platter. they served a saucer that consist of 3 dips. 1 of the dip is only a small drop so i waved at the waitress and asked if they have accidentally drop a bit of sauce on the saucer or they have missed out the dip. she said she is not sure and call for the manager. the manager came and explained that it's mean to be a dip and the staff is new and probably overlook.

    what i find amusing is how can the waitress not know or even allow such mistake. how can they just drip a small dot of sauce on the saucer and not notice it even when they serve the saucer to me. they just simply bo chap.

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