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    i was watching the recorded episode of Get Real on channel news asia the other day. it was an episode of children custody in the case of divorce. it was saying that usually for divorce cases, woman will usually get the custody of the child. they were also featuring the sad story of the woman that drowned herself with she son at bedok reservior wearing all red.

    some men they interviewed said that the women's charter here is singapore is side to woman. woman can ask for maintenance from the man is the child's custody is given to her but man cannot which man men interviewed felt it's unfair.

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    The Women's Charter in Singapore is certainly biased towards the ladies. I think it's possibly biased for all Women's Charters around the world. If men and women are truly equal, there wouldn't be a need for such a Charter. I have a couple of friends where both their wives committed adultery. In the end, the guys are still supposed to pay alimony to their ex-wives. One of the ex-wife even made more money than my friend - how fair is that?

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