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Thread: Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

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    Smile Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

    Chinese New Year is around the corner! Yeah!!! Long Weekends...
    For those celebrating CNY, where are you having your reunion dinner? Nowadays its like more common to see family dining out. Perhaps they want to save the hassle of washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen...

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    Default CNY Reunion Dinner

    Will be having steamboat at home on Chinese New Year's Eve.. I think its more cozy to have reunion dinner at home. After dinner whole family can gather at the living room watch TV and do some catching up..

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    my would usually be home having steamboat as well. my family is small and is not close. we will just eat and my brother and sis-in-law will usually go back at about 8+ after dinner.

    we used to have big dinners at my uncle's place where all families will gather and eat together but since he got retrench he did not do that anymore. i think maybe because of money

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