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Thread: More brides-to-be shopping online for wedding gowns

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    Post More brides-to-be shopping online for wedding gowns

    From iTODAY:More brides-to-be shopping online for wedding gowns

    Jan 30, 2012

    More brides-to-be here are going online for their wedding gowns, and online bridal businesses are growing with the demand from couples who do not want a conventional wedding package or a designer gown.

    Buying or renting a gown online costs half or even a third of the market price, and some online bridal shops - there are now more than 10 in Singapore - said sales have grown steadily in the past two years.

    They expect it to grow further as more couples tie the knot in the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

    Ms Ong Lee Kheng, the owner of Made For Princess, told Channel NewsAsia: "Young people, myself included, like to shop online ... and now they're exploring the possibility of even buying a wedding dress online. I guess it's the Internet craze."

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    Perfect for those who is planning for a simple wedding affair!

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    how about fitting? no need to try meh?

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