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    Default Hdb grant

    How to apply for hdb grant? Who is eligible?

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    I think you are referring to CPF Housing Grants?

    CPF Housing Grant assists eligible first-time citizen households to buy a resale flat from the open market.

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    Take a look here

    Here's an extract

    Family Grant
    For married couples who are
    First-timer applicants

    Higher-tier Family Grant
    For married couples who are
    First-timer applicants and
    Buying a resale flat near their parents'/married child's HDB flat or owner-occupied private residential property

    Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG)
    Applicants of $30,000 Family Grant/$40,000 Higher-tier Family Grant, if:
    They have worked for at least 1 year and
    Average monthly household income over the last 1 year does not exceed $5,000

    Singles Grant
    For Single Citizens:
    Single applicants aged 35 and above who buy the resale flat to live on their own under Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) Scheme, or
    2-4 Single Citizens aged 35 and above who jointly buy a resale flat under Joint Singles Scheme (JSS)
    For married Singapore Citizens aged 21 and above who are buying a resale flat under the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme

    Higher-tier Singles Grant
    For single citizens who are
    Aged 35 years and above
    Buying a resale flat to live with their parents

    Top-up Grant to the Family Grant
    For Singles Grant recipients who subsequently get married
    Also applicable for Singles Grant recipients under the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme whose non-citizen spouse or child subsequently obtained Singapore Citizenship or permanent residence status.

    Half-Housing Grant
    For a first-timer citizen with spouse who had previously enjoyed a housing subsidy

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