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Thread: Choosing the Right Paint Color

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    Default Choosing the Right Paint Color

    Its so challenging choosing the right paint color and there are so many choices! I intending to give my wall a new color but I couldn't decide on the color... I'm having kinda apple green color now. I want a color that will makes me feel happier. Please give me some suggestions...

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    Traditional happy colours are rainbow colours? A colour that makes one happy can be quite subjective though. If apple green gets your happy juices going, go for it!

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    Choosing paint color can really be a challenge and there are so many choices... Sunflower yellow makes me feel happy so I think you should go for sunflower yellow!

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    The decor of your home is the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see every night. When people come into your home, it sends a message about your style and personality. The wall colors will be the most important factor in setting the mood for your decorating and style.

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    It is also important to choose a good paint color that you want to apply on your indoor and outdoor wall and it is better if you only choose light paint colors.

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