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Thread: Medical insurance

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    Wa slow learner, you really a bit slow sia Mc's point wasn't about anyone buying a medical insurance and hoping that he/she will get some kind of illness and claim the insurance. He's saying that insurance makes us scared that we'll kena some illness and have no money to pay for treatment la. Right brother McMuffin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McMuffin View Post
    Hmm I agree with Ah Boy. Our government already has compulsory medical insurance. This is like the lottery mentality, if I don't buy, there is no hope of striking. In this case, if I don't buy, there is a chance that I will be hospitalized and lose lots of money or even my life. One plays on a person's greed; the other a person's fear. Just out of curiosity, who buys lottery here?
    i totally agree with mc. one play with greed the other with fear. if you don't scare then don't buy lor. sick then die lor. no need to treat.

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    such a dog-eat-dog world we live in. so materialistic but that is the reality of it. . . so dire, so helpless. only the richest will survive. lol. sound so poetic

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