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Thread: HDB Scheme

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    Question HDB Scheme

    if my brother's wife is a non-citizen and they applied a hdb flat under non-citizen spouse scheme, afterwhich if my sister-in-law obtianed her PR, does my brother needs to transfer half of the ownership to her so that if anything happens to my brother at least the house belongs to her?

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    dear Evel

    If i am not wrong, there is no such requirement.

    pertianing to your next question. Maybe your brother can make a will to will the flat to his wife. That will be clear, cause i think by including her name, she will get only 50% share and the other 50% will go to the next of kin and in law i think wife is not consider next of kin.

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    If wife is not considered next of kin, who is

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    Next of kin is the term used to describe a person's closest living blood relative or relatives

    Happylalapo is right, wife is not next of kin.

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