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Thread: Interior design

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    Well it depends on purpose of the room. Color should be according to your uses. like if you are using is for bedroom then there are different choices of color similarly for dining room, kitchen, kids room.

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    Recently wall decals are really popular nowadays as well. Although that saying you might need a light wall colour..

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    this was very creative. I am totally amazed by this. Now I got some pretty nice ideas to paint my walls.

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    To get started, select a favorite color drawn from artwork, a rug, dishes and an accessory or furniture piece as a main color or accent.
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    Hi! I would recommend you to use wallpapers, instead of painting your walls. Let me tell you why:

    1. Flexibility of Style - You can change it whenever you want as per your likes.

    2. Age Matters! - Yes, age matters, wallpapers last longer. Added benefits of longevity is also available to you with flexibility of style.

    3. Uniqueness - Wallpapers have more uniqueness than paint, it may help you change it on regular intervals. Whereas, in paint you can not change it more frequently.

    So, choose wallpaper instead of any paint. I would also like you to recommend a brand called DecoArt, which serves in Dubai and throughout UAE. Do consider their collection if you're in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Default interior design

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    Beige is a versatile color that will provide a harmonious backdrop, setting the stage for furnishings and decor.

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    I would suggest you to choose your own favorite color and then mix/match different colors with that. I believe that house is the reflection of our own personality, no one can guide you better than your own soul. Add things which gives you feel of relaxation and must be a unique sign of your own house. As I love greenery so I have added many green xerophyte plants in the central hall. Similarly my favourite color is light link so considering that I have designed wall plates.

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    Try some grey and coral mix combination of color.

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    you can use a combination of light pleasant colors for walls like cyan, pink, peach. but it also depends upon the size and type of room. Maybe you should hire d?cor services to design each and every room.

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    Modern home design elements conveys your true style and personality. Choose best combination of interior paint colour for your master bedroom With My Home Handyman. So you cam feel more relaxing and energetic.

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