hi ALL,

wooden or plastic chopping board..which one is better ? which one is safer to use ?

my mum been using this woodlen chopping board for ages. that board is probably with us for more than 10 yrs as we have shifted our house about 10 yrs ago and we brought that board over from our former home.

my mum is a very sentimental person and she will use a thing for yrs till it totally breaks down.

that wooden chopping board is so old and dirty. black around the edges and the side where my mum always uses to chop food, has many deep chopping marks . i always wonder if our food contains wood chips.

i hope to persuade my mum to switch to using lighter plastic board but is such board safe to use ? i think eating wood is safer then eating plastic .

and wooden chopping board provides better support of chopping big stuff like a whole chicken. i somehow think chopping a whole chicken on a thin slab of plastic chopping board would cause the board to slip away and we might end up chopping our hand instead of the chicken