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Thread: My 2 cents worth: My solution to find and hire reliable renovation companies.

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    Default My 2 cents worth: My solution to find and hire reliable renovation companies.

    Hi all,
    I am very happy after getting the keys to my new BTO HDB flat.

    As a newbie homeowner, I was rather lost on what we had to do, and experienced difficulty in finding trustworthy and reliable Interior
    Design and renovation companies to renovate my new house.

    There are so many renovation contractors in Singapore, and it is impossible for us to know which one could meet our requirements.

    After searching, we discovered this Singapore website call It really helped homeowners like me because it saved us a
    lot of time and made everything so much easier for us.

    After we submitted our requirements in Singapore renovation, I received 12 proposals within 1 day.It was fast!

    We also noticed that the renovation companies listed inside were all good and very professional. I was happy to hire one of the
    renovation professionals because they fit our 20k budget and home design.

    Some more, no need to waste time running everywhere to find renovation contractors on weekends.
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    Hi christinezheng888,

    Great that you found the renovation contractor you preferred. =)

    Can you share photos of your new flat along the way to reno completion?

    The Home Look also provide free ID consultation.

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    Yeah, do show your photos for references!

    What theme is your house?

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    may i see your house pictures if avaiable, and let me know what materials they use for ur house

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