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Thread: 5 Actionable Home Interior Lighting Ideas for the DIY Decorator???any suggestions???

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    Default 5 Actionable Home Interior Lighting Ideas for the DIY Decorator???any suggestions???


    Interior decoration is all about creativity and imagination. The indoor area of a house speaks about the taste and class of its inhabitants and hence, and it should be decorated with utmost care. We often think of furniture as the main element for interior decoration and miss the importance of lights. But, intelligent lighting can improve the look and feel of any room inside your house significantly and home renovation add positive energy in the atmosphere.

    Are you decorating furniture and your house and are wondering how you can use lights to add charm and functionality to your house? The best part of using lights as a decoration is that you can take care of most home decoration on your own. Here are some lighting ideas for your house interior, room by room, specially prepared for the DIY home decorators!

    # Living room lighting ideas: This is the room where you spend most of your time and invite visitors to sit. Therefore, it is important to make sure that lighting arrangements are perfect in the living room area. Lamp shades are perfect for living room decoration. They provide lights but don't directly dazzle the eyes.

    If you want to highlight a particular feature of the drawing room, think about directional lighting from the ceiling. Ask the electrician to install lights that can be dimmed if necessary to create a dreamy effect.

    # Dining room lighting ideas: While planning the lighting for your dining room, remember that the dining table is the central element. So, you should have ample light to see clearly what you are eating.

    # Kitchen lighting: Bright lights are essential for kitchen so that the cook can see everything at a quick glance. While you can always install lights on the facing walls to remove shadows on the floor, it is wise to use concealed halogen strip lamps under the wall units.

    # Bathroom lighting: When it comes to bathroom lighting, safety comes first. However, that does not mean you need to sacrifice style. Tell the lighting equipment seller that you need lights for the bathroom and he will provide you with suitable items. Make sure the lights are not placed too close to the shower because it can cause electrocution.

    # Bedroom lighting: This is the room where you come at the end of the day for a peaceful sleep. Use two different types of lights – bright and dim – in the bedroom, so that you can see everything clearly during a cloudy day and also create a romantic atmosphere while spending the night with your spouse. Place a lamp upon the bedside table as it will help you get enough light to read books without disturbing others.

    Wrapping up
    These are simple ideas that anyone can use to decorate their home using lights. Nowadays, you do not have to pay through your nose for non-traditional lighting. There are several online stores that sell all kind of decorative lights at reasonable rates. Using the above tips and using your imagination, you can transform the ambience of your home.

    While multiple lights in different rooms enhance the beauty of your house's interior, at the end of the month, the electricity bill can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, make sure you install energy saving lights in your home to keep the electricity bill low..........!!!!!!!
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    I like your post..Thanks for the idea..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatashaPoidevin04 View Post
    I like your post..Thanks for the idea.. can ck more details and ideas from the site also...

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    I'm trying to post a few pictures but it's not going through. It keeps saying "error". I'm using Photobucket to host the picture. I've done this before and the Rose forum. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

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    If your home is small then incorporating a sconce with overhead lighting, lamps and natural light can bring balance to space and make it inviting. It will be great if you could find something similar to Innermost’s Asteroid that creates an illusion of many different unique forms when there is only one.

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    I recently shifted in my new renovate house & Astra Group team work is excellent.
    Anybody have suggestion for bedroom night lamp? Actually my office work start in midnight & that time I don't want to use big light which gives me reflection on my eyes. So that's why I need a suggestion.

    calgary renovation
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