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Thread: Mold mites and booklices

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalcyonVI View Post
    Faced this issue sometime ago. Pest control is not an effective solution as the effect is only temporary. If there is still mould/dampness in the house, the booklice will multiply again very quickly. Best way is to remove these mould mites' food source i.e. mould.

    Two things that you can try:

    1. Dehumidifiers to control your house's humidity. They have a limited range though so you may have to get a couple if the damp areas are spread out in your house.

    2. Bleach the walls to kill all existing mould. Then apply a waterproof primer sealant and paint with anti-mould, anti-bacteria paint.

    Currently my contractor is doing the necessary work of applying waterproof primer sealant and repainting the entire house.

    Will keep you guys updated on how things are

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    The waterproofing quality of the floor is very important and due to expansion and contraction of the flooring over time may result in damaging to the waterproofing. Just wonder should we water proof the bath room ceiling

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    If you want a clean and safe environment of your home, go with the pest control option.

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    Then, the solution is only pest control and after that make sure that no hidden holes are buried anywhere.

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