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Thread: Finding the Best Curtains For Your Home

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    While selecting curtains you need to determine their uses. What do you want the function of the curtain to be? Set up if you want the curtains for personal privacy or for keeping out the heat and draft. You need also to figure out the amount of sunlight you want the curtain to let into the room as this will help you in choosing the weight of the fabric. This choice will also be influenced by the kind of room in which the curtain would be used.

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    Nice post.Find Tailored made-to-measure styles.Fabric also play important role wjile choosing curtains.Curtains attach to a pole or track in different ways - known as a heading - which will affect their appearance and how they hang

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    While selecting curtains for your home you have to choose the color, fabric very wisely. Also for different rooms curtains should be of different color. You can choose yellow, pink or other light colors for living room and study as they absorbs less light and room will look brighter.

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    you can go for the custom made curtains

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    All things are justified like fabric selection, for privacy etc. Except these, I feel that curtains play an important role in enhancing the interior of the house. I have hanged link pink net curtains on the white solid base in my daughters' room, just a small change have changed the whole look of the room.

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