Sound Barrier 18mm High Quality Road Sound Barrier From Factory

SoundBarrierFence is founded in 2011, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sound barrier in China. Our company has been involved in production, research, development and creation of sound barrier fence for years. With years of continuous development and improvement, our company covers an area of 5,000 square meters.

Sound Barriers 18mm High Quality Road Noise Barriers From Factory
1).Available in many sizes
3).Offers complete design flexibility
4).Significantly reduces noise

Sound Barrier Products

Flexible Sound Barriers High-Speed Way Noise Barriers/Soundproof Fence
Iso9001High Way Sound Barrier (Direct Factory Purchasing) for Construction Site
Interior Decorative Sound Barrier for Wholesale (China Manufacturer)
Direct Supplier Highway Or Railway Noise Barrier Sound Barrier Wall Sound Barrier

Our Sound Barrier Fence Building Soundproof Rubber Sound Barrier are often used in sports events noise, substation noise, acoustic engine blanket, sound barrier curtain, industrial noise reduction, drilling rigs and pile drivers, enclosures for granulators, sound absorption liner to treat existing enclosures, and so on.

It operates strictly in the light of quality standard specified by ISO9001, and strictly conforms to the national mandatory product and technology of China. We can provide the inspection report for the sound barrier fence. SoundBarrierFence supplies high quality products and classic service to our customers with the rule of top quality and satisfactory customers.