For a tired person, a dirty and grimy mattress is like a nightmare. After a long busy, most of the people want the clean and fresh mattresses for the sound sleep. Here is some easy tricks and tips for the mattress cleaning at home.

1. Proper Prevention from stains: It is always suggested that prevention is much better than a cure. So, always cover your mattresses with the waterproof upholstery so as to protect these from the stains.

2. Cleaning routine: Try to clean your mattresses regularly. At least vacuum your mattress once in a day.

3. Taking care of tough stains: Keep an eye on the tough stains. If you find any of the arrogant stains on the mattress like wine stains, coffee stains, etc. Try to clean it with the baking soda solutions.

4. Steam stain removal: Steam techniques is regarded as the best for the removal of the tough and stubborn stains from the mattresses.