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Thread: Things save space for room-1

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    Default Things save space for room-1

    I have recently rent a room, which is 11 aquares meter, I want to make my room more convenient for living , I have lots of stuffs , I can't just rudely put things together. And also I need my room look comfort.

    I searched days online, asking friends and helpful netizens. I picked something that meet my needs.

    The first one I picked is the shoe rack. I have many pairs of shoes, at first , I put them in the cabinet, and left one pair outside. I always forget the shoes in cabinet, I nearly wear that one pair of shoes everyday. Thing should not like this.

    Then , I picked a shoe rack, which can contain 16 pairs of shoes.
    Choosing a color perfectly suit to my room, this so important for your room's looking. Most importantly, I can see all shoes directly when I sit up in bed in the morning, then I can start thinking about which shoes I wear today.

    It doesn't take up much space, and store my shoes well, and very convenient for me to pick shoes. Perfectly~

    I am not really good at English, hope you can understand what I said.

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    I try my best to understand your content.
    but in vian.
    what are you saying ? why are you saying ?
    are you asking any help to save the room space ?
    or you are explaing the methods to save space in a room?
    what is the main purpose of your post?

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